CoolantClean is designed to service most automotive applications by exchanging virtually all of the coolant in the vehicle’s cooling system. Connections to the vehicle are achieved with the supplied adaptors that install in-line between the vehicle’s radiator and upper radiator hose.

Once connected, the unit can be safely used to:

  • Relieve system pressure to provide safe, worry-free access to the vehicle’s system.
  • Pull down or evacuate the coolant levels in the radiator and overflow tanks, providing safe connection of the unit without hot coolant worries.
  • Service the cooling systems by exchanging the coolant in the vehicle’s system.

With the vehicle’s engine idling, the CoolantClean3 unit receives used coolant flow from the vehicle’s system through its RED hose and diverts the flow to an external waste container or to the shop’s coolant disposal system. At the same time, new coolant flow to the vehicle will be supplied from the CoolantClean3’s pump through the Green hose. When complete, the unit will automatically revert to a bypass or flow through mode alleviating the need to watch over the service.

It is recommended that vehicles (with conventional type coolant) have their cooling systems serviced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Periodic service intervals are recommended to provide proper protection against overheating and breakdown of the coolant’s protective properties. Old coolant can no longer protect against rust or acids that can breakdown metal & aluminum parts in the system.